How To Guides

How to setup a controller

Setup a controller to Springo Hub Ready to get your first controller connected? Watch this 6 minute video with full instructions on how to get started.

How to setup a splash page

Full instructions on how to setup a splash page to Springo Hub If you’ve already connected your Controller – now you’re ready to setup your first splash page, watch the 12 minute video below to get started with a full explainer on a full setup.

Edit your profile & Invite a user

Video guide on how to edit your profile & invite other users to your company If you’re looking to edit your own profile or invite another user to your company, this is the video for you. We cover how to edit your personal profile, change your password, setup 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) & invite other […]

Navigating the Dashboard

Understanding the dashboard stats So you’ve got your WiFi on – and now you want to see what’s going on? Great – let’s take a look at the dashboard screens where Jay covers what each graph means. Note, we add more graphs all the time so search our knowledgebase if you need a better understanding.

Navigating contacts & blocking

Understanding the contacts & blocking devices So now you’ve got WiFi sorted – lets see how the data shows within Springo and how to navigate around. The video below shows you how to navigate around contacts, how to block & unblock a device/user. Any questions, just drop us a chat!