Springo Hub Info

10 top tips we recommend for a killer subject line

The Email inbox is a super busy place, your very own personal post office accepting communication 24 hours a day from all over the world. Having the right Email subject line can really boost your open rate and customer engagement. Your sender name and Email subject line are the first thing that your recipient will […]

Role Permission Levels

Discover what functions Super Users, Managers and Users have access to o help you manage your Springo Hub you can invite people within your organisation to help out with some tasks. Instructions on how to invite users are available in our article edit your profile & invite a user We have created three role levels […]

How Do I Login to Springo Hub?

How to login to Springo You can login to Springo Hub by heading over to https://hub.springo.io. You will then be greeted with the below login page For convenience, Springo Hub allows you to login using your Facebook login, Google login, Microsoft Account or your Email and Password login you created on sign up. The Remember […]

What WiFi equipment can I use with Springo?

We don’t work with any old hardware Springo supports Ubiquiti Unifi WiFi equipment, we will be adding further manufacturers later this year including Cisco Meraki and OpenWRT. We think Ubiquiti is a smashing manufacturer – in fact, Springo’s software was first developed to work with their UniFi Controller and we still keep up to date […]

What is DKIM and why should i have it?

Recommended when sending out marketing by email What is DKIM and why should I have it? Domain Keys Identified Mail or DKIM as its more commonly known is a method of validating that an email has come from an authorised source. DKIM can only be setup on a domain name that you or your company […]

What is a session / unique visit?

Whether you are looking at statistics on your dashboard or setting up triggers for marketing campaigns it is important to understand sessions, unique Visits, how these differ, and how we use them. As well as collecting information about your WiFi guests, Springo collects useful statistics to help you create targeted marketing campaigns and to produce […]